Hi! I'm Cherry Ann Templo. You can call me Che-Ann for short. I'm a thirty-something military wife, erstwhile doctor, stay-at-home mom to three energetic girls, a little OC, type-A multitasking human and part-time octopus.


The blog is entitled "Our Raw House" and it is about our adventures as a military family in the Philippines and also a blog about how we make our row house into a cozy home.  In the "WHO" part of this blog page, you may have noticed that I have added a little OC (obsessive-compulsive) in my description, and as a need to get organized, my blog posts are grouped by the following days of the week:

Motivational/Military Mondays:
During Mondays, you will read about motivational quotes, dreams/goals, our plans and some design inspirations that we hope to implement in this house or in our dream house someday.  I decided to put this on Mondays as most of us are not yet over the weekends and need a little push towards productivity.

Since I am also a military wife, I would also include posts about being a military wife.  When I became a military wife, I knew next to nothing about the organization I was joining.  Yes, there were other military wives who blog but only a handful were Filipinas.  There were similarities where I can get a general idea but very few with the distinctive Filipina flair. Hopefully, this blog would serve as a reference to military girlfriends, newbie wives and "seasoned" wives and somehow serve as a forum for the Filipina "silent ranks."

Tabletalk Tuesdays:
As Filipinos, our culture revolve around the dining table and therefore, FOOD! If you are Filipino, you have to admit that we are a nation ruled by our stomachs. We eat five times a day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner) and sometimes, six (midnight snack).  Posts on Tuesdays therefore revolve around food which will include recipes, food finds and restos.

Wellness Wednesdays:
Ah, Wednesday, the "hump day", the day most of us feel lazy as it is far from both the past and coming weekends and therefore a day we need to move and what better day than to have posts about wellness covering exercises, fitness tips, and topics about health.

Travel/Teaching Thursdays:
As an Army family, we govern the land and therefore, we travel and go places.  It has also been our family's goal to go to different Philippine locales before going International. What better way to learn more about ourselves as Filipinos and be ambassadors of our nation.  An added benefit is that we can instill nationalism in our girls and know that through the beauty of the Philippines.

With a preschooler and soon-to-be toddler at home, a somewhat formal type of learning should take place. This would chronicle my attempts at being a teacher, another job description to add to my otherwise full resume as a stay-at-home mom.

Family/Financial Fridays:
Friday, the last day of the week, and therefore a day for the family with the weekend a sleep away.  Blog posts for this day will focus on parenting and spousal relationships.  I will also dabble on financial literacy zeroing on how to handle money as women and in my case, as a stay-at-home mom.  I'm no expert and is still on the road of learning but I would include what I have learned and how I apply it to our family.

When I became a wife and mother, I have switched between being a stay-at-home mom to work-at-home mom and back to stay-at-home mom but one thing remain, I am still "at-home". Teehee!  Being at home means being involved with the daily household chores as I have no helper around (yes, I must be crazy) and sometimes, I don't get to have adult interactions or conversations.  By way of this blog, I hope to gain more friends (hopefully, more of the military kind *winks) and therefore, adult conversations.  There is a limit to the purple dinosaur after all. Hehe.

A few minutes in your busy day will be very much appreciated. You know how to contact me and I hope to hear from all of you soon! *wink *wink

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