Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Been Busy Practicing

May is almost over and I still haven't written for this month. Bad, bad blogger! In my defense, I have been busy practicing how to drive and with an instructor like my husband, no is not an option! Hahaha! Yup, in addition to my other domestic duties, driver would be added this school year and since I will be taking all the kiddos with me, we have to practice for safety. Name all the driving conditions and I think my husband has tested me on it (well, we haven't tried rain yet but, I think we can manage when it does rain) and with his "militaristic" type of teaching, I am proud to say that I have passed with flying colors. I now have the keys to Dora...

Living up to Dora the Explorer's name, we have been as far north as Pangasinan and in and around the most likely places that I will be driving (Antipolo and Taguig) and as such, no blog posts for the month of May. Don't worry, I will be updating this blog with our adventures with Dora and a review of the Suzuki APV. Until then, see you on the road!

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