Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. Practical Turns Mushy

I know it's been a week since Valentine's Day but I still can't get over J giving me flowers and not just flowers but a BIG boquet of flowers.

Yeah I know, they're just flowers but if you know my husband, he's not the flowers and chocolates sort of guy so it takes quite a lot of getting used to. He is quite generous with his gifts, by the way, but you can't call them romantic. Some of his "practical gifts" were:

1. The house that we live in. I know, it was not bought for me (we haven't even met in 1997) but since this is our home, I consider it is his gift to me. Ever the practical one, we don't worry about rent and mortgage. It's fully paid and truly our own!

2.  The necklace with his class seal as pendant. This has significance to us military wives as this symbolizes us becoming part of his class.  The mini-ring has more significance, I know, but since this was not passed on by my mother-in-law to me, it does not count and since he does not wear his bull ring, why should I? :)

3. The foot spa machine which he uses. Hehe. I don't particularly like giving myself foot spas. I'd rather someone give me a foot spa for total relaxation. He has more use of this as he gives himself a foot spa after he runs a marathon. 42km could do that to you!

4. The electric oven. Again, he uses it more. I cook the food but I think he benefits more from this as he enjoys my cooking with it. Hehe!
Source I did not want to post a picture of our actual oven. It might scare you off. Ha! Just think that we've put it to good use.

5. The kitchen and bathroom renovation.

There are more gifts he has given me but it was never the romantic types. You know, the just gave them because I like to give them but don't have any real purpose type of gifts. He always gives me gifts that have a specific purpose in mind. I can just count the times he has has given me flowers: 1) A boquet of white roses in 2002 because he lost a bet, 2) in 2008 for my 32nd birthday he gave me a boquet of red roses and 3) last year for Valentine's day. See, you can just count them on one hand! Haha! Maybe it's also my fault because I never did like flowers because they just wilt and then die so maybe he took that to heart and never did give me flowers. Ha! *smacks self on forehead and suddenly feeling like an idiot*

Nevertheless, the unexpectedness of the gesture made it more special.  The flowers may have died already but the gesture did not get lost on me so dear Mr. Practical, J, thank you for making me kilig in this old age. May you continue this Valentine's tradition. *winks!

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