Friday, March 15, 2013

Family Fridays: Pandesal Date

To maintain a healthy relationship with our better halves, it is important to spend quality alone time with them now and then.  J and I have been doing this ever since we had H.  We would steal a few minutes, usually after dinner, to walk and talk.  We talk about our dreams, goals and plans for the future.  When we only had H and a maid, we could do this almost every night. But since the addition of two more kids and being helperless, this was not feasible.  Some ideas for our "dates" were imperative both for our sanity.

We tried having a date night but since we did not have a helper, this was a no go! We also tried having "a date" after we have put the kids to bed but as we are sometimes, okay most of the time, the first ones to fall asleep, this was also a fail. Boo! The opportunity to have "dates" presented itself with the opening of a bakery a few blocks from our house.  Every morning, when J is home, we buy our pandesal together.  We found that this is the perfect date! Yay!  The two little ones are still asleep and H just got out of the shower and will be able to come to her sisters' side if the need arises.

The early morning air, the quietness of the neighborhood and the holding hands (yes, we still hold hands *winks*) are very conducive to our talks.  It also serves as our exercise.  Our pandesal dates help us connect with one another.

There isn't just enough time at night to talk about our day as after dinner clean up, bedtime prep and putting the kids to bed take precedence.  We hope to continue this as long as we have pandesal cravings.  Who can say no to freshly-baked pandesal after all, right?

The weekend is almost here and we would like to ask for your other date suggestions? What do you and your spouse do for quality alone time? I'd love to hear your suggestions.  Please do share.  In the meantime, happy weekend every one!

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