Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tabletalk Tuesdays: North Park Noodle House

Back in 2008 when we were still living at Bonifacio Heights, H and I would pass by North Park Noodle House two times a week on our way to her Kumon classes and we wanted to eat there. We never had the chance to do so then because we thought it was an expensive restaurant which served only noodles and knowing J, he would never hear of it.  Fast forward to 2013 when we went to SM Hypermarket in Antipolo and we were greeted with the North Park Noodle House on the second floor. Luckily, J ate there once with his mistahs and I joked that he we should eat there as I always wanted to eat there. Lo and behold, he agreed. I was just sad that H was not able to join us. But don't worry H, we will do so after your dismissal from your new school. Shhh! Hehehe.

The decor was somewhat confusing as I did not know whether it was a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. There was nothing new about the setup. I just got a hint when we were presented with the menu which was actually the placemat also. They had no high chair so I had to hold F the whole time while we were eating, not to mention that I was terribly hungry (PG levels ang peg). This is also the reason that we did not have  pictures of the food that we ordered and I'll just be borrowing from their website. You just try balancing an infant trying to grab the placemat and utensils while trying to take pictures. No go! My being a part-time octupus was no match for a wriggling infant!

What we ordered. Being a noodle house, J ordered the Nanking Beef Noodle Soup in light size.  Customers have the option to try out different noodles with their order (Hongkong, empress, wheat, etc). I'm sorry I was not able to get all the names of the noodle choices. J asked me to try this once it arrived and I was blown away by the soup alone. The soup alone really tasted like beef. I also thought that since it was beef and had tendons, it was going to be very difficult to eat with just one hand (moms, you know what I mean) but no, the beef tore apart with the slightest pull of the spoon. The three hours of stewing was worth it. It was that good that we ordered another one. It would have been more practical if we ordered the regular size and divided it between J and myself but since we were new to the resto, we did not think about it. Next time, though.

We also ordered the Yang Chow fried rice. Being Chinese food lovers, we never fail to order this when we dine at a Chinese resto. We were told that this was good for three persons and they were right! It was the size of a small bowl!  It had a distinctive spicy flavor which was just right for my taste. I never did like spicy food. *winks*

Last on our order list was the steamed rice with double pork ribs.  This was also very tender as I was just eating with one hand and the steamed rice was exactly the right consistency. My mother, who is very picky with her rice, would approve.

All in all, order went around to Php 585 which was worth every centavo of it. We would surely come back here as it was a very pleasant dining experience. I recommend for you to try this resto next time you pass by it. Don't wait for five years like I did. Hehe.

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